XIII International Network for the History of Hospitals Conference

XIII International Network for the History of Hospitals Conference
26-28 May, 2021 | Online

The 13th INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR THE HISTORY OF HOSPITALS conference will explore the relationship between space and hospital. Space, in both its physical and conceptual manifestations, has been a part of how hospitals were designed, built, used, and understood within the wider community. By focusing on space, this conference aims to explore this subject through the lens of its architectural, socio-cultural, medical, economic, charitable, ideological, and public conceptualisations.
Register for this conference at Evenbrite. The deadline for registration is May 22, 2021.
Streaming live without registration will be available on the YouTube Channel of the CHAM- Centre for the Humanities, NOVA FCSH.

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This online symposium will bring together academics from a range of disciplines to present case studies from across the globe to explore the relationship between space and hospitals throughout history by examining it through the lens of five themes: (1) ritual, space, and architecture; (2) hospitals as 'model' spaces; (3) the impact of medical practice and theory on space; (4) hospitality and social space; (5) sponsorship.

This virtual conference is sponsored CHAM, NOVA FCSH; ARTIS - Instituto de História da Arte, FLUL; IECCPMA - Instituto Europeu de Ciências da Cultura Padre Manuel Antunes; and CML - Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.
In partnership with research projects: Hospitalis: Hospital Architecture in Portugal at the Dawn of Modernity (PTDC/ART-HIS/30808/2017) and All Saints Royal Hospital: city and public health (CML; CHAM, NOVA FCSH).
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