The ARTIS - Institute of Art History (ARTIS-IHA) is an R&D unit whose main scientific domain is Art History, understood as an autonomous subject, albeit open to articulation with other areas of knowledge. This field is conceived as a vast area of expertise focused on the study of artistic works and Heritage throughout history, and on the retrieval of their accumulated memories and aesthetic meanings.

Through the development of basic and applied research in the domain of Art History, in articulation with other fields of knowledge directly related to its methodology and praxis - such as materials science and information technologies, among others - ARTIS-IHA covers a variety of working areas, also expressed by the diverse interests of the team's integrated researchers and the many partners with which it collaborates.

With its main focus on Art History, ARTIS-IHA develops basic and applied research through its different groups. Its strategic development plan for the coming years is structured according to 3 main axes, based on the principles of open access - insofar as the different activities will be made available for free - and open research - through the creation of open scientific networks, which enhance the social responsibility that has always been favoured by the unit and represent a source of development and an opportunity for innovation.

ARTIS-IHA' strategy for 2018-2022 represents the fulfilment of a structural transformation initiated in the last years, with the double aim of preserving the methodologies underlying Art History's traditional autonomy and bringing them up to date, with the help of modern research tools and a multidisciplinary approach. The unit will thus embrace far-reaching projects, which greatly exceed the mere digitalization of artistic heritage. Our aim is to develop working tools suited to a structured and updated research praxis, with the potential for growth in different directions. In the long run, we plan to evolve towards the creation of a laboratory for the digital documentation of cultural heritage, focused on research and welcoming students from all study cycles.
Today, ARTIS-IHA is a privileged research unit within the field of Art History. It hosts, despite its dimension, the Az Infinitum, the only existing Portuguese indexation system focused on azulejos, along with a new tool for studying art collections - ORION. The unit is hereby able to provide its researchers and students with useful methodological tools for organizing and improving their work, as well as sharing its results in open access.