The Informal Group of Art History Studies (G.I.E.H.A.) includes students from the different study cycles in Art History of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon (License Degree, Postgraduate Degree, Master’s Degree and PhD) and aims to promote and strengthen the ties between them, the researchers in ARTIS-IHA and in other national and international research units, and museological institutions, through the organization of research activities involving these different parties.

The group sets out to organize an annual lecture series on various themes related to Art History, where participants are encouraged to present scientific research on the topic chosen for each edition. 

Events G.I.E.HA.

Colloquium «O gosto português do século XX: Raul Lino e a casa de Santa Maria»

Colloquium «A Arte Portuguesa no Mundo e a Arte do Mundo em Portugal»

Workshop «As Artes Decorativas no Contexto Museológico: O Acervo dos Palácios e das Casas-Museu»