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The ARTIS - Institute of Art History, part of the History Department of FLUL, offers training in Art History, Heritage and Restoration Theory throughout three Study Cycles. 

R&D Unit

The Institute was founded in 2009 as a new research unit of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon. It is funded by FCT since 2015.


ARTIS-IHA publishes two journals, both with double-blind peer review: ARTIS - Revista de História da Arte e Ciências do Património and ARTis ON (published online in open access), along with other publications.

Beyond Borders - The key for art market power Conference

Beyond Borders - The key for art market power
The present conference seeks to counteract the frequent tendency of scholars of art market studies to mainly focus their attention on collectors, rather than on suppliers and intermediaries. In this spirit, we urge researchers to reflect upon the generic idea according to which these art market players are all the more powerful because they have a multinational presence, specifically various branches in several countries.

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Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus - 3rd Edition

The Individual Call is aimed at PhD holders of any nationality or stateless with a background in any scientific area who wish to develop their scientific research or technological development activity in Portugal, integrated into R&D units funded by FCT.
Applicants should indicate the host institution where they will develop their research plan. The selected doctorates are directly hired by the identified host institution, through FCT funding.

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January 25, 2020 | 16h00 | Associação do Património, Santarém


"Os Historiadores de Santarém #3"


With Professor Vítor Serrão, Ph.D.


Location: Associação do Património (na parada da Escola Prática de Cavalaria, pelo portão, junto à Torre da Trindade), Santarém 

Organization: AEDPHCS - Associação de Estudo e Defesa do Património Histórico-Cultural de Santarém